This mechanical keyboard from Moobom offers a sturdy and reliable entry level mechanical keyboard for those who like its rainbow LED keys. The blue switches provide a good middle ground in mechanical switches, offering reasonable tactile feedback and a relatively quick actuation. That combined with the full anti-ghosting feature makes this a completely legitimate option for most gaming applications.

– Full 104 key anti-ghosting.
– Mechanical switches (blue).
– Sturdy design w/ removable wrist rest.

– Rainbow LED colors might not be for everyone.

The design of this keyboard is a bit different from the standard plastic frames most units have. The top surface of this keyboard is metal, though they don’t specifically seem to state what type of metal. I’m going to guess it’s aluminum, as it doesn’t have the weight of something made with a steel sheet. Frankly, I’d rather have aluminum anyway as it provides durability without magnetism or corrosion. It has a coppery gold color, which I didn’t have any problem with stylistically. There is also a removable wrist rest, should you prefer something to set your hand on while you’re typing. And of course the keys are mechanical, meaning they click when pressed. This isn’t a fault of the keyboard, as ALL mechanical keyboards are rather loud.

The keyboard also features full anti-ghosting, which means that all of your key presses should make it to the game regardless of how many simultaneous keys you’re pressing. This is extremely important for any type of competitive or online gaming. So for people playing things like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) or League of Legends (LoL), you can keep your competitive edge without your keyboard standing in your way. Most standard keyboards lack this feature, meaning that if you press more than one key at a given time, the other keys pressed might not register in whatever game you’re playing.

k2The lighting on the keyboard is mostly a matter of personal taste. There are a lot of manufacturers making these rainbow LED lit keyboards, and they seem to be a pretty in-style option at the moment. I prefer a full RGB keyboard myself, where I can set a single color option. You don’t have that ability with this keyboard, as each row has its own color set which you cannot change. However, there are still lighting options for you to play with. You have the ability to set the brightness, but also other pattern options as well. There are numerous settings, like a waving pattern, a snaking pattern, or even patterns based on your key presses. You can have the lights flow out from each key you press, like drops on a pond. So, there really isn’t any “problem” with the lighting if you like the available colors.

moobom-scoreOverall I think this keyboard from Moobom makes a decent entry into the mechanical gaming keyboard market. While it lacks full RGB back light options, and it doesn’t offer any extras like macro keys, it has everything else a gamer needs for high-end online or offline gaming. The price isn’t the most competitive, and the metal alloy frame does come at an increased cost above other mechanical keyboards in the category.

Moobom Mechanical Keyboard: $59.67 –