This is a solid smart watch for the price range, though it can’t really compete with the higher-end and more expensive options. There is a lot of functionality with this watch, and it’s easy to pair with your Android smart phone. Most of the basic functionality works, including calls, messages, and many push notifications. The watch also comes with several features including a sedentary monitor, alarm, calculator, and a few other basic features. All of these area easily accessible right out of the box. However, there are other things this can’t do easily, and some it doesn’t do well.

Firstly, the more advanced features like Facebook, Twitter, and browser functionality are NOT supported through your smart phone. Rather, they require the use or purchase of a separate SIM card (unless you plan on taking the one out of your phone to only use in this watch). This means that those can’t even be used without the additional card. This is rather limiting, as most people don’t want to go out and buy a separate sim card and pay a monthly plan just to use their watch. While there are cards out there for as cheap as $5 a month, it’s still not a convenient option.

The SW-08 is clearly meant to mimic the iWatch.

The phone also has some other limiting factors, which are pretty typical considering its price range. The screen is rather low-definition, and while it does have camera on it, you won’t want to use it. The camera in ANY smart phone is leaps and bounds better, and I can’t really see much of a use for the camera in the phone. The microphone works fine, though it’s not the clearest thing ever. You CAN be all James Bond and make calls through your phone. There are three options for the actual watch face aspect, though they’re very simple and not exceptionally attractive. You cannot download/add more.



Overall this is a decent watch for its price. You can’t really expect the same functionality out of this as you might the Apple watch or Samsung Gear watch. It costs about 1/4 or less the cost of those, so you should definitely temper expectations. But the watch does work, and many functions are easily accessible right out of the box. But if you plan on using this for more complex things, be prepared for that extra purchase. Also, this unit doesn’t have a GPS, so it won’t help you with things like maps or running applications.

Fantime SW-08 Smart Watch: $39.99 –