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Fantime SW-08 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is a solid smart watch for the price range, though it can’t really compete with the higher-end and more expensive options. Continue reading “Fantime SW-08 Bluetooth Smart Watch”


Besteker HD Portable Night Vision Camcorder

The Besteker HD camcorder makes a good budget option, but lackluster audio and video quality keeps it from competing with higher-end products. Continue reading “Besteker HD Portable Night Vision Camcorder”

HDV-V80 Pocket HD Camcorder

The V80 camcorder offers a very compact device for HD home video recording for a relatively low price. Continue reading “HDV-V80 Pocket HD Camcorder”

FTLab Geiger Counter for Smart Phones

It can be surprising just where you might find radiation, and this device helps you detect it. Continue reading “FTLab Geiger Counter for Smart Phones”

1byone Home Security TV Simulator

This is an interesting and unique product that provides an inexpensive theft deterrent without needing a security system. Continue reading “1byone Home Security TV Simulator”

HealthyWiser Digital TDS & EC Meter

For just over $20, this is a quick and easy solution to measure hard water and metals without the need for a professional. Continue reading “HealthyWiser Digital TDS & EC Meter”

HealthyWiser Digital pH Tester

This instant read pH tester is easy to use, and saves a lot of money in the long run. Continue reading “HealthyWiser Digital pH Tester”

Night Provision TX11 Tactical Flashlight

This tactical flashlight offers a lot of brightness, making it an excellent option for things like camping, power outages, or emergencies. Continue reading “Night Provision TX11 Tactical Flashlight”

Aduro Amplify VP20 Mini Projector

As long as you’re aware of what exactly you’re getting when you buy this little projector, you should be pleasantly surprised and happy you bought it. Continue reading “Aduro Amplify VP20 Mini Projector”

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