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Geezer LED Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard may have a funny name, but it’s certainly not meant for old people. Continue reading “Geezer LED Mechanical Keyboard”


E LV Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker offers good quality and plenty of utility. Continue reading “E LV Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker”

Gingood LED Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Gingood Bluetooth speaker provides high quality with 360 degree sound. Continue reading “Gingood LED Portable Bluetooth Speaker”

FTLab Geiger Counter for Smart Phones

It can be surprising just where you might find radiation, and this device helps you detect it. Continue reading “FTLab Geiger Counter for Smart Phones”

Woying V1 Gaming Headset

This entry-level headset only delivers a base experience and fails to offer enough to rise above the competition. Continue reading “Woying V1 Gaming Headset”

1byone Home Security TV Simulator

This is an interesting and unique product that provides an inexpensive theft deterrent without needing a security system. Continue reading “1byone Home Security TV Simulator”

Sades A8 Virtual Surround Sound Headset w/ Enhanced Bass & Vibration

This gaming headset is the most feature-packed of any entry level unit I’ve seen. Continue reading “Sades A8 Virtual Surround Sound Headset w/ Enhanced Bass & Vibration”

Saxhorn ANC-J1 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones make a good entry into the active noise cancelling feature, but they fall short of the higher-end competition in many regards. Continue reading “Saxhorn ANC-J1 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones”

Sharkk Claro Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling

While these don’t match up to the top of the line in noise-cancelling wireless headphones, they certainly dominate the mid-range competition. Continue reading “Sharkk Claro Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling”

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