These earbuds offer a new way to customize their fit, giving a comfortable and stable hold for running and sports. And while the sound quality isn’t the best available on the market, they deliver a level of quality and clarity that does exceed the majority of the competition. Particularly if you have a device capable of utilizing the APTX technology, these earbuds do well under that new process. But even on older phones and devices, you should still have stable connection and solid sound clarity.

The biggest difference in the design of this unit is the flexible portion of the cable that goes up and over your ears. Rather than utilizing a heavy or solid piece of plastic like most sports Bluetooth options, they have designed a flexible cable that lets you shape it in whatever way is comfortable for your ears. The outer layer of the cable is a relatively soft rubber, so it doesn’t rub or scrape uncomfortably against the back of your ear. I think this design is the best I’ve seen for sports and activity. Not only is it lighter, but it’s far more comfortable that the solid plastic arms and provides optimal stability, since you can shape it to fit YOUR ears perfectly.

Wire stays fixed in position.

Of course you can also make calls through this unit. The microphone quality is above average, though you’ll still hear environmental sounds with this open mic design. You simply can’t get away from that if you’re going with an earbud-style headset. No microphone is going to offer substantial noise isolation. This unit does offer a very good battery though, giving you up to 8 hours of continuous music or calls, and a staggering 450 hours in standby mode. You likely won’t be needing to charge it very often, but even when you do it charger rather quickly. I was able to get a full charge back in about 2 hours.

The sound quality itself, as I mentioned, is certainly above the typical offerings at this level. It’s not going to meet the standards of the top of the line in Bluetooth earbuds, but just just over $25 (less than 1/4 the cost of high end units), it does much better than you’d expect. As I mentioned, the sound is very clear and the signal was completely stable with no cutting out so long as you stay within about 30 feet of your phone/tablet/etc. And again, if your device is capable of APTX transmission, it should be even better. There is a decent amount of bass that produces a good rumble, rather than the simple thump of cheap units. The mid and high ranges came through clear, with no tinny treble. The only way I was able to get a muddy sound was on maximum volume, but I really don’t suggest listening to your music like that anyway as it’s very bad for your ears.

They also offer the newest in noise isolation technology for earbuds with CVC 6.0. Keep in mind this isn’t quite as good as active noise cancellation in high-end headphones, but it’s the best you can get in earbuds. It does a good job at keeping down outside noises, but you’ll still hear things like loud traffic or the roar of a jet engine on an airplane. They’ll be quite muffled, but they won’t disappear.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall these earbuds offer high quality music and an excellent design for running and sports. And given the price point, it’s hard to pass them up if you’re looking for an active pair. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use.

MARSEE MSH04 Earbuds: $25.99 –